My personal Childbhood Web

My personal childhood web is composed of some important people who greatly influence my life as a child.

1). Dor Mbong: He is my father and we had a father and child relationship.He was a model father, so caring and loving.He listens to me, encourages me; protected me; and thought me many aspects of life. He provided all my basic needs, my school requirements,paid my fees on time and some times in advance to make sure i had the best education. He thought me to share by example. He gave me food if i was hungry and provided the means for medical care when needed. Every evening, he told stories about the past and on family history which i was interested in knowing.He influence my life in many ways. He laid a good foundation for my education.he was loving and caring and that has been part of my life till date.

2). Juliana Wigham: She is my mother. She influence my life in many ways. She care and nurtured me; adviced me; thought me how to work independently;; cook and wash my dresses. She laid a good foundation for me as a girl, she protected me in every aspect of life as a child. She showed love; care and concern to me and took me to different places. She was always worried if i was sick, worried or angry and will always ask why and then look for positive solutions, medicine,and stay by me until i was better. She is the reason am successful today because she taught me to be hard working, independent and to always think positively.

3). Evelyn Litika: She is my oldest sister.She is loving and caring and took good care of me, took me out to visit friends,go shopping and to church. she made me look good and different, braided my hair always and was responsible for my upkeep. She reminded me to do my home work, helped me to wash my uniforms, shoes and school bag as needed.she made me know alot of issues related to women ahead of time. Her hope for me was to see me progress successfully and attain the highest level of education i wanted. she was very supportive and encouraging and i spent most of my childhood life with her. she calls me her first child.

4). Yonka He-en: He is my uncle. He was and is so kind and generous to me. He is a retired teacher and he taught me so many educative lessons.He was always there for me and provided for me when i was in need.He gave me so many story books and advice me how to study. He always stop by to find out how i was doing, check my books and helped me with my home work. while in school, he made sure i was active and participating in school activities like sport, singing and craft.He encourage me to study hard so as to become a teacher in the future. He inspired and greatly influence my education.

5). Belinda Faye is my step sister. She provided me with company. we play together. she was so special. she gave me her food and anything her mother gave her. she showed alot of love and care




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