Important Codes of Ethics

The three ideals contained in the NAEYC and DEC codes of ethics that are important and meaning full to me are:

1). Ethical Responsibilities to Children (NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct): p2,1-1.1- To be familiar with the knowledge base of early childhood care  and education and to stay informed through continuing education and training. This code is significant and important to my professional life as it will keep me current and updated to new ideas and findings, innovations and techniques that will enable me to develop and enhance growth of children and the early childhood field. with this, I will also be able to over come new challenges and feed the children with right and appropriate information. Also important to me because as a teacher, i need to continue education and training so as to fit in to the evolving world in every aspects that relate early childhood education.

2). Responsibilities to co-workers (NAEYC code of ethical conduct): p5,1-3A.2- To share resources with coworkers, collaborating to ensure that the best possible early childhood care and education program is provided. This is significant to my professional life because i believe that two hands are better than one and can make work light. so with colleagues and different ideas combined, we will be able to provide quality care and come out with productive programs that will enhance growth and development. This will go a long way to strengthen my relationship with my co-workers and we will be able to work as a team and the work load will be light for i believe in the saying that ” many hands can carry a beer hive”.

3). Responsive family Centered Practices( DEC code of ethics), ensure that families receive individualized, meaningful, and relevant services responsive to their believes, values, custom, language, and cultures. We are committed to enhancing the quality of children’s and families’ lives by promoting family well being and participation in typical life activities. The early childhood special education professional will demonstrate respect for all families, taking in to consideration and acknowledging diverse family structures, culture, language, values and customs. Finally, families will be given equal voice in all decision making relative to their children. some practice guide lines provide a frame work for enhancing children’s and families’ quality of lives for instance, responsive family centered practices(3). We shall respect, value, promote, and encourage the active participation of All families by engaging families’ in meaningful ways in the assessment and intervention processes. This code is very significant to my professional life because i believe involving families will guarantee their trust in the service we will be providing, it will also help to strengthen self discipline and will provide the families the responsibility to step in with their ideas and i think this will promote growth and development, and will enhance productive and quality care to children as families/parents are children’s primary care givers thus the need to work with them hand in hand for the best result.


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