My Birth Experience

      My birth experience i had was that of my daughter. I was pregnant for her when i was 18. At the early stage of my pregnancy, i was so scare and nervous. I could only imagine child birth with knowledge from my biology lessons and from viewing images about child birth  that were so scaring. But then as time went on, I nursed a lot of positive thoughts about putting to birth and becoming a single mother. I believe what helped me was my continuous prayers and prenatal lessons i was receiving.

      Just like any woman, at the 9th of pregnancy, I was anxious for a spontaneous delivery and to see my baby. At this time I was also thinking of going continuing education after delivery. My due date came but nothing happened. I was worried something was wrong and also, school had started. Gosh, that was frustrating. I went for my weekly appointment and was told my baby was doing good. 

      Then comes the D – day. In the morning of September 10th, at 5:00, i woke up, used the bathroom but strangely, i started feeling a kind of sharp pain under my stomach, on and off and i was also frequently using the bathroom. After a few minutes, contractions started, i got up, prepared my bag then went back to bed. I didn’t tell any body what i was experiencing. My contractions were increasing. Any time there started, i will make a walk between the rooms then sit when it cools. This went on for two hours. Out of a sudden when i was making a walk around the yard, water poured out of me. I called my little sister and told her to get ready and go with me to the hospital.

      we left the house and walked to the hospital. On the way it was difficult for me to walk faster because, I had to stop walking any time my contractions increased. We reached the hospital and went directly to the maternity and I was send to the labor ward after being examined by the nurse on duty. She scared me when she said ” This is first case and I don’t like to delivering first cases” then she left and i was with two mid wives. She scared a hell out of me. I was confused. My little sister went and called my mother. They took me to the delivery room and on the bed. I lied on my back. My contractions were continuous. I could not help it. I even struggled to stand but only went as far as sitting just for few seconds. I was also pushing when i felt like to. The mid wife sent her hand in to me like she was trying to feel then ask me to push hard. this i did then my baby came out. Then I felt a big relive and no pain. My baby cried and she said to me, it’s a girl. I was so happy. She gave me the baby and i hold her on my arms. she was small but very cute.  At the same time my baby came out, my mother was by the door trying to get in but she was not allowed to. This was my birth experience, 14years ago. it is always fresh in my memory.

      My thought is that women should be strong and determine and try to avoid thinking about issues that might adversely affect them and their unborn child. They should also take good care of the selves, follow up medical appointments and eat nutritive food.

      Since I am not the native of the US and i have been here just for a year, I have chosen the USA. I ask two of my colleagues at work how birthing is done here. What i learned from them and also from reading a birthing experience online is that: Expectant mothers have private doctors and have to call them when when they starts to labor, have also learned of individual appointments with doctors, have learned of special individual classes meant to prepare the expectant mother against labor pain and relaxation and the use of epidura to ease pain.

      Comparing birthing in the USA and Cameroon my country, I realizes that they have certain things in common and some disparities. For instance, both experienced child labor, delivery and natural birth, but contrarily, in Cameroon, natural birth is the only means of delivery. C – section is used only in complicated cases but in the US, C-section is an option as some people may not want to go through the pain of child labor. Also both countries under go prenatal care and classes but in the US, women have their private doctors and every thing is between the while in Cameroon, prenatal classes, appointments etc is done in groups and open just like in a classroom setting. Women in Cameroon see doctors privately at first visit and those that see doctors at regular basis are those whose cases are complicated and might likely go through a c-section. They work with professional nurses and mid wives but that is not the case in the US.  More over, in Cameroon, Child labor and pain is normal but in the US, epidura is used to ease labor pain. further more, after child birth, the mother is not allowed to work or do any thing till when the belly button falls off and too at the same time the baby is to remain indoors where as in the USA, mothers are  encouraged to move around even with their babies and carry out their daily activities.

      The additional insight here is the importance of getting a good medical follow up at pregnancy. I believe that with that being put in place many issues and problems that could create an adverse impact on the development of the child will be taken care of and such impacts will be avoided. I also have an insight of what i can use to ease labor pain which is important especially to women who spend hours in labor.

Posted by Dor, V.  ( 2012. July).

Oral questioning to McCrary, F.  ( 2012. July).



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