The topic I have chosen is immunization. This is the situation where by the body immune system is stimulated to defend and fight against attack by particular contagious diseases like measles, polio, hepatitis B, mumps, tetanus,, pertussis or whooping cough and rubella among others. (Berger, 2009). It is also called vaccination that protect the body against diseases.  Two types of immunizations that is Active and passive have been identified. (Wikipedia). It is worth of mention that immunization is very important to both the adult and child because it enable the immune system to fight against on coming diseases. It also protect children from diseases and serious complications like deafness, blindness, and brain damage and it prevent the spread of diseases. ( Berger, 2009).

      With immunization, some children diseases like small pox, rotovirus, polio, and measles, have become rare in most countries.

      Some problems identified with immunization is the fact that some parents do not follow up the vaccination of their children and end up not completing the required vaccines for the children that might adversely affect them, some focus and pay attention only to the side effects of the vaccine and some vaccines are not yet available . All these contribute to increase child mortality rate. ( Berger, 2009).

     Being aware of what immunization is and knowing the impacts if immunization, i will be able to create an awareness on children and parents on the need for it.  I will also create and implement immunization promotion curriculum in the learning program where disease control and immunization will be taught.



Berger, K. S. (2009). The developing person through childhood (5th ed. ). New York, NY: Worth Publishers

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One thought on “Immunization

  1. I chose immunizations as well. It truly amazes me how many parents are now choosing to not vaccinate their children, especially after the controversy of the MMR and Autism. That study has since been discredited and even revoked from the co-authors and publishers.

    I like the idea of implementing an immunization curriculum. Who will you be providing this curriculum for, children, parents, teachers, etc?

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