My Connections to Play



“It is becoming increasingly clear through research on the brain as well as in other areas of study, that childhood need play. Play act as a forward feed mechanism in to courageous, creative, rigorous thinking in adulthood”.

Tina Bruce, Professor, London Metropolitan University.


“Play is a major avenue for learning to manage anxiety. It gives the child a safe space where she can experiment at will, suspending the rules and constraints of physical and social reality. In play, the child becomes master rather than subject…. play allows the child to transcend passivity and to become the active doer of what happens around her.

 Alicia F. Lieberman, author, The emotional life-of the Toddler


Play Items: Jump-ropes, and mancala board play pieces.






I grew up in a vast and opened environment that supported both indoor and out door play. I was supported in play by both my parents, brothers, and all around me. As a child, i was engaged in different types of play, ranging from hide and seek, jump-ropes,mancala games, cooking with mud, playing with dolls and playing scrabbles with stones. I was provided with play materials that i needed like ropes, clothes for dolls, and mancala boards though most of the time, my brothers dug mancala rows on the ground for use during the day. My parents provided me with a safe environment in which to explore. Some times when playing hie-and-seek with my play mates, my mother will show me a strategic place to hide where i will not been seen. She also played mancala game with me some night. In jump rope, my step sister taught me some rhymes to recite while jumping. My brother some times played with me and he taught me how to play mancala on two-row- board of 6rows and even more. play is essential for children as it is the easiest way for them to engage in the world. it helps stimulate the brain and provides them with the ability to solve problems.


Play is similar to the play i was engaged in as children are still engaged in same types of play like hide-and-seek, jump-ropes, play with toys among others. On the other hand, i feel it is some how different as children now our days have diverse play materials that are more advanced. some of their play materials are electronically active. They use video games, television, and computer games which i did not have access to when i was growing plus their play is most often structured and coordinated. With all these play materials, i hope play will enable children to be more creative and at the same time thinking that their use of computer and video games be limited.

I believe that through play, the brain and body can be relaxed and stimulated . It thus enable the development of children’s imagination, it promotes creativity and learning and provide the the ability to solve problems. It further allow the children to discover for themselves. as children negotiates roles and interact in them, they improve their communication skills. educators as well as parents should acknowledge the importance of play  and encourage them to fully use the various play materials.


3 thoughts on “My Connections to Play

  1. Veronica,
    Very well written post. Arent we so lucky to have so many relationships that contribute to our learning and growing? However, like you stated, my number one relationship is with God. Thanks for posting and sharing your insight.

  2. I can remember when I was younger also; play was something I use to be so excited about. I think I learned more from play than I can learn from some gadgets today. I can remember making things from anything that was outside. I must agree we were much more active than the kids today.

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