My Supports

Within my environment, i receive support from my pastor, cousins, daughter, friend, mother, sisters, and employer as well as from the media/press. My pastor support me physically by encouraging and advising me, emotionally and spiritually. My cousins support me socially, financially and materially. They are always there to talk to me and assist me to over come difficult moment. They do not hesitate to provide my financial needs. They are one reason i am able to survive here.They guide me in making choices. My daughter’s support is limitless. She is always concern about my well being. My mother and sister me materially; they send me a lot of food when ever fried advice, guide, and offer suggestions and opinions in relation to my needs. He sacrifice much of his time to work me through especially as concern computer technology. Without his support, i am not sure of what i could do especially with my studies even though i still face some challenges.  My employer organizes  a variety of trainings sessions and workshops led by my supervisor that enable me  to better perform my job and improve on my skills. she organizes social gathering for all the  staff such as pinic, christmas,  and labor parties that promote a kind of bonding with colleagues and positively influenced my work environment.  I am knowledgeable about essential events happening on daily basis the world over , thanks to the support of press and media. The entire Walden Community ranging from my lecturers, education advisory team, to student support team support me variously. They promptly attend to me in moments of need and  provide solutions to my questions. The career service team offer webinars that help me to improve on my studies. Through my supports, i receive social, spiritual, financial, physical and material support that help protect me, relief me from stress, enable me sustain daily life, provide me with needed skills and make me happy and it will be difficult for me to survive without. Knowing that there is always some one to talk to is relieving. my financial support help me to deal with poor physical health and motivate me to keep on.

A challenge i have is that some times I feel like am a burden to my cousins, friends and family and even lack independence. A few months ago my car was down and I depended my cousins and friends for rides. I felt so terrible. I just thought i was bordering them much. This was a challenge to me because i did not have my personal program. My program depended on their availability to give me a ride which at one point was so frustrating. I was doing two jobs and had daily activities to carry on. My pastor is my spiritual leader. She orientate me and her continuous prayers for me is a mighty support. My daughter makes me feel recognized. My cousins supports me financially, materially, and socially. My friend guides me, gives me a lot of ideas to help me make decisions on related issues and supports me morally and socially. The media/press not only keep me updated on the events and issues around, they also provide me with statistics. All these support are very important as they influenced my well being and daily life and i can not imagine how possible i can sustain life without them.


3 thoughts on “My Supports

    • It will be practically for me to do without my suppor of life relat ts. They mean a lot to me. They assist me through the huddles of life. It will be very challenging if i have to spend a single day without any spiritual support. I believe my every sin there notgle is a blessing and will defifntely not make it if it were not there. I always have a lot life related issues that need continues prayers. That i can’t do it all by myself. I very much believes in prayers and it will be a big challeng if i have to be with spiritual support. Thanks

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  1. You have a large support system which is great to see. i also have a very supportive family and church that often encourages me and keeps on uplifted to conquer each day. We often share morning debotions and encourageing words through text and emails in the mornings to start our day off right.

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